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urbanA KGB spy that is living in America, who posts videos on youtube that take place in his backyard showing all the guns he owns, he killed his neighbors and put blow up dolls in their houses so the cops would not be deceived

urbanthe KGB waits for no one No Funny Business FPS Russia

urbanFPSRussia is a youtube channel of a person, also known as FPSKyle, making videos of himself shooting real guns at targets such as water jugs, fruit and vegetables, and manikins while using a very convincing Russian accent and wearing shirts that usually say something about Russians.

urbanHello, my friends, it is FPSRussia again, and today... Our target is going to have a very bad day Don't try this at home, I'm a professional Russian Have a nice day!

urbanIs an awsome russian guy who tests ant type of gun. he makes huge sploshins and ....stuff he is an awsome guy

urbanfpsrussia just shot a golden ak-47

urbanA channel on Youtube created by an American gaming nerd named Kyle pretending to be a Russian immigrant named Dmitri. His videos showcase him shooting guns rented from a store and talking in an extremely fake attempted Russian accent, sometimes even accidentally pronouncing words in perfect US English. He used to have another, gaming-only related channel on Youtube called "FPSKyle", but ended up taking it down as the news about FPSRussia's fakeness started to spread around online. His main audience appears to be 11-to-16-year-old nerds who have no lives and believe all his bullshit, and think that hitting a watermelon at 30 yards with a shotgun qualifies as possession of shooting skill. Kyle caters to their tastes by making lame-ass videos about shooting gaming devices (such as Xbox 360s and PS3s) and pictures of Justin Bieber. These kids then proceed to troll on the channels of genuine gun enthusiasts and make asses of themselves as their videogame- and FPSRussia-based arguments are destroyed by the aforementioned firearm owners.


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FPSRussia is a popular YouTube channel consisting of videos involving firearms and explosives. The videos feature Kyle Myers, an American born in Lavonia, Georgia, playing the role of Dmitri Potapoff, a heavily accented Russian. Each video on the...