Definition funny of Equal:

urbanA mathematical sign that shows that the total is coming right up. Every day when you do math, the = sign is necessary.

urban2*100=200. (Translation: two times one hundred equals two hundred.

urbanthis is all it should refer to =

urbanthis is pretty much the full basis of the definition 9 equals 9

urban1. to equal; being less than the standard expected in a certain situation by your friends. 2. word used in place of the equal sign commonly used in instant message conversation. 3. word used in place of any negative adjective.

urban1. (friend #1): "What did you do tonight?" (friend #2): "I had sex with a fat girl." (friend #1): "Man...YOU EQUAL!" 2. "You = not straight"

urban- The state of something being the same, or having the same value - Having the same value in measurement - Having or showing no differences


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