Definition funny of Emster:

urbanA person that is not emo, nor hipster, but merely a mixture of both.

urbanFriend 1: Dude, my cousin got a new haircut. Friend 2: How does he/she look now? Friend 1: She kinda looks emster now. Friend 2: Cool? I guess.

urban-Emo/Gangster -Emo + Gangster = Emster -Someone who looks one way but is really the other way -A wannabe of these two things

urbanHe is such an idiot, therefore an emster. Katie and Chrissy are these so called emsters.

urbanAn emo/gangster -someone who can dress both parts and get away with it -emo + gangster = emster Someone who dresses one of either ways and is really the other way

urban"Look at that emster, they are so fake"


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Emma Bell
Actor, Film actor, Person, Person or entity appearing in film, TV Actor

Emma Bell is a film actress.

Kurt Von Emster
Organization leader, Person