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urbanThe allocation of scarce resources that have alternative uses.

urbanEveryone should have a basic understanding of economics to be an educated citizen

urbanThe study of choice in the face of scarcity.

urbanIgnorant people who post idiotic definitions have scarce resources.

urbanEconomics is a social science, that is concerned with meeting 'unlimited demands with only scarce resources'. Economics relies on the assumption that everyone wants more and more money, goods and services = we are all a bunch of greedy mo' fo's. Hence the concept is accurate, and will continue to be taught in colleges everwhere for years to come. Noteable masters include the venerable Daddy G, of Peterborough fame.

urbanA: how much are these bananas? B: £2 A: Fine, I buy them off that illegal immigrant for £1.50 Hence the laws of Supply and Demand are and the concept of economics is satisfied.

urbana "science" created by a group of middle-aged, bearded men called "economists" to ensure that anything they say can never be proven wrong


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Economics is the social science that studies economic activity to gain an understanding of the processes that govern the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in an economy. The term economics comes from the Ancient Greek...

Great Recession
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The Great Recession is a term used to describe the general economic decline observed in world markets around the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The exact scale and timing of the recession is debated and varied from country to country....