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numerologyName Number: 1 Meaning: Individual, Masculine, Logic, Self, Active, Leadership, Initiative, Assertive


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urbanAlso called dreads, it is a style created by allowing the hair to matt into locks. Although popular myth gives Rastafarians credit for inventing the style, it is almost as old as humanity itself. Dreadlocks or similarly matted styles have been worn from Africa all the way to India, Australia, and even Papua New Guinea. Indians call them "jata", and they are generally worn by adherents of Shiva. Some Austro Aboriginies call them "goonut" or "goonat". It was a popular style around the area now known as Botany Bay in pre colonial times. The term "dreadlocks" being used for this style, however, did originate with the Rastafarian movement. To them it symbolizes many things including the rejection of conventional western mainstream beauty standards, and the dread some may feel when confronted with the true natural self. There is some debate as to whether matted locks that are "well manicured" should be called dreadlocks, since they are not natty and often require consistent maintenance and a higher degree of perceived vanity.

urbanI need to tighten up my dreadlocks once a month. You shouldn't pop your dreadlockss when they're dry.

urbanThis is a hairstyle popularized by the Rastafarians (Bob Marley for example) but dating back as long as the existence humanity. The idea is to let your hair grow naturally, then braid them into matted "locks", and wear them in a natty and dapper style. The term "dread" is often misunderstood in this sense as meaning terror/fear as it is commonly used today, but it is also archaic term which means "to hold in awe or reverence". The Rastas, as well as other cultures, wear their dreads with pride of their natural roots (symbolized by their hair growing eternally from the mind and soul). The true veneration of growing dreadlocks is the inspiration of a sublime spirituality and respect for one's true self.

urbanKeep your culture, don't be afraid Of the vulture, grow your dreadlocks Don't be afraid of the wolfpack Rastaman live up, Bingyman don't give up -Bob Marley, "Rastaman Live Up"

urbanThe mental traffic jam that arises out of worry. A dreaded future event -- report deadline, court appearance, meeting with boss -- is played over and over again in the brain, locking out other, more productive thoughts and often resulting in insomnia and excessive alcohol consumption.

urbanI've been in dreadlock over today's presentation. Are you sure we're ready?

urbana hairstyle that consists of sections of hair knotted together. some people intentionally "dread" their hair by backcombing or other methods while others allow their locks to form naturally. contrary to popular belief, you can and should wash them, and in fact most people do. also referred to as simply "dread"


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Dreadlocks, also called locks, dreads, or Jata, are matted coils of hair. Most dreadlocks are usually intentionally formed; because of the variety of different hair textures, various methods are used to encourage the formation of locks such as...

Dreadlock Holiday

"Dreadlock Holiday" is a reggae song by 10cc. It was written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman and was the lead single from the band's 1978 album, Bloody Tourists. Lead vocals were performed by Graham Gouldman. The lyrics relate the experiences of...