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urbanThe greatest word ever, can be used to express a countless number of emotions, from happiness friendship and pride, to anger rage and hate. It is ususally used as a noun, but can be used as an adjective (doubish), a verb (doubin), an interjection (DOUBE!!!), and many other ways. This term was invented because of a typo between Ian and Keith, and from its humble beginnings, it has been elevated to, without a doubt the most poweful and amazing word ever. Doube > Fuck

urban1. As a negative noun (Shawn just knowcks over Steve's drink) Steve: Shawn, you fucking doube. 2. As a positive noun (Keith kisses a girl wothout exchange of money) Me: You fuckin doube, good job 3. As a verb (Sha just gets paid for givin John a bj under the table and won't pay the crew back money he owes) Crew: Yo, stop fuckin doubin and pay us back 4. A positive adjective (Two people are friends) Person 1: Dude your so doubish, we are best friends, but if you cross me ill get Slagathor the Sloth to kill you. 5. A negative adjective (Ian just eats Steve's last taco) Steve: Why are you so fucking doubish, im gunna get Slagathor the Sloth to kill you. 6. An interjection (Person 1 and 2 are quietly reading in the library) Person 3: DDDOOOUUUBBBEEE!!!!!!!!!! Library Worker: Hey, this is a library, be quiet Person 3: Shut the fuck up doube (later burns down library) 7. An Adverb (Person 1 is refusing to do project) Person 2: You better get the doube off your fat lazy ass and do so doubin work before I doubin strangle you. Now all in one sentence: Person 1: You doubin doube, get the doube put of my doubin house before i get my doubes to kill your doube ass and your doubish friends- Doube: DOUBE! Person 1: Doube you! (Kills Doube and all of his doube friends)


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booksThe Doube Gun Journal Winter 1999 (Volume Ten, Issue 4) by Daniel Philip Cote (1999)

booksThe Rincon Trap/Call Me Hazard (Ace Double Westerns) by Frank Copyright Paperback Collection Library of Congress Wynne (1966)

booksI May be Wrong But I Doube it by Charles Barkley (2002)

booksMass in G Minor, for Soli (S.A.T.B.) and Doube Chorus. Curwen edition. by Ralph Vaughan Williams (1922)

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booksMaiche, Gorges du Doubes ~ IGN Top 25 3623OT (The Outstanding All Weather Map) by Institut Geographique National de France (Aug 2, 2004)


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moviesCheck and Doube Check -


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Val Doube
Man, Person

Valentine Joseph "Val" Doube was an Australian politician. Born in Brighton to hat maker Francis William Robert Doube and Honora Fitzgerald, he was educated at St James' School in Gardenvale before studying at Melbourne University, receiving a...

City/Town/Village, Statistical region, Location, Dated location

Doubek is a village in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. On the date August 28, 2006 it has 201 inhabitants. First written notice about village is from year 1413. The municipality lies at an altitude of 406 metres and covers an area...