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booksRicerche sulla saliva e sugli organi salivari del Dolium galea e di altri molluschi. by DE LUCA S. - PANCERI P. - (Jan 1, 1867)

booksTonna (=Dolium) fasciata (Brug.), with two pre-apertural varices;: And notes on other forms (Journal of conchology... by John Wilfrid Jackson (1927)

booksCornelianum dolium : comoedia lepidissima, optimorum judiciis approbata, & theatrali coryphoeo, nec immerit├čo,... by Thomas Brathwaite, Richard, ; Marshall, William, ; Harper, Thomas, ; Slater, Thomas, ; Chapman, Laurence, ; English Printing Collection Library of Congress Randolph (1638)


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A dolium is a large earthenware vase or container used in ancient Roman times for storage or transportation of goods. It's similar to Qvevri which is widely used for wine farming in Georgia to this day.

Tonna dolium
Biological Species, Organism Classification

Tonna dolium is a species of large sea snail or tun snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Tonnidae, the tun shells.