Definition funny of Docki:

urbanA cross between a dick, cock, and penis. When you don't know which to say to a girl, you combine them all. Dockis is the true scientific name for a dick, cock or penis. They are usually 1 - 24 inches in length, and come in many colors.

urbanBoy: Hey would you wanna suck my dockis after school sometime? Girl: I love sucking dockises, of course! Boy: Sweet, my dockis is getting sorta hard. Girl: Stop, or I'm going to punch you in your dockis.


Wiki information Docki:


Docking is the intentional removal of part of an animal's tail or, sometimes, ears. The term cropping is more commonly used in reference to the cropping of ears, while docking more commonly—but not exclusively—refers to the tail. The term tailing is...


In the field of molecular modeling, docking is a method which predicts the preferred orientation of one molecule to a second when bound to each other to form a stable complex. Knowledge of the preferred orientation in turn may be used to predict the...