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urban1. A word that is synonymous for many different words depending on the context, often referring to specifics, particulars or minutiae. 2. It can also reference the physical anatomy that makes a woman physically attractive to men. 3. A hot girl, or a girl with a great body. The word "details" is an excellent gap word or code word for certain topics when used correctly in context among a group of friends.

urbanThe example below references multiple instances where using the word "details" would be appropriate: Guy 1: Dude, Lollapalooza this year was AWESOME!!! Guy 2: Yeah? What was it like -- fill me in with ALL the details! Guy 1: There were sooo many hot chicks there -- I couldn't stop staring at all their DETAILS!!! I even yelled out to this one hot chick, "Nice DETAILS!!!" Guy 2: Sounds awesome -- I'm totally going next year!!!

urbanTo clean the interior and exterior of an automobile down to the last speck of dust.

urbanI spent all morning detailing my pimp ride.

urban1. An extremely important part conversation, overlooked as a "detail" 2. A common part of a relationship. 3. A small almost unimportant thing, overlooked, and fucks everything up in the end. 4. Something very small, and many details make something great, or really bad. 5. A detail can be a sarcastic remark.

urban1.Person A: Your nice, but your sort of ugly. Person B: haha, so did you see "I am legened"? 2.Person A: I love you, but we never see each other anymore! Person B: Details, details, did you get the mail? 3.The heat tiles on the space shuttle were deatials. The space shuttle blew up. 4.My face was beautifully detailed, but now you can see my zit.. 5.So um, Just a tiny detail... We have to leap over fire and fight off tigers to get in.

urbanAnything that makes any situation more complicated that it already is.


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Publication, Award-Nominated Work, Magazine, Periodical, Award-Winning Work

Details is an American monthly men's magazine published by Condé Nast, founded in 1982 by Annie Flanders. Though primarily a magazine devoted to fashion and lifestyle, Details also features reports on relevant social and political issues.

Electronica Album, Musical Album

Details is the only studio album by the musical group Frou Frou. The track "Let Go" also featured in the soundtrack for the film Garden State and in the movie The Holiday.