Definition funny of Destee:

urbanGlobal online community of black people.

urbanDestee is about loving, encouraging, embracing, teaching and building with black people.

urbankinda like besties (bestfriends) except hotter. One of the friends is reffered to by the other as Destie and the other is reffered to as Dessty, 2 different speelings that sound the same. Destees are like this X (crossed fingers) and are always there for the other. everyone's always jelous of the relationship the Destees posses

urbano hell naw bitch just fucked wit my destie, ima fuck her shit up. NO ONE FUCKS WIT THE DESTEES


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Destee Klyne
Actor, Film actor, Person

Destee Klyne is an actress.

Hiero Desteen
Literary Series

Hiero Desteen is a series of science fiction books written by Sterling E. Lanier first published in 1973.