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Audrey C. Delsanti
Astronomer, Person

Audrey C. Delsanti is a French astronomer who co-discovered 1999 KR16 in 1999 whilst at La Silla Observatory in Chile. The Minor Planet Center erroneously lists her as "A. Dalsanti". In 2004 she was awarded a NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship in...

(40314) 1999 KR16
Asteroid, Orbital Relationship, Astronomical Discovery, Celestial Object, Star system body

(40314) 1999 KR₁₆, also written as (40314) 1999 KR16, is a trans-Neptunian object that was discovered on May 16, 1999 by Audrey C. Delsanti and Oliver R. Hainaut at La Silla Observatory in Chile.