Books about Dejerine:

booksLocalisations cérébelleuses. Travail du Laboratoire de M. le Professeur Dejerine. by A Durupt (1914)

booksde L Aphasie Sensorielle: Travail Du Laboratoire Du Dr Dejerine a la Salpetriere (French Edition) by Mirallie-C (Apr 28, 2013)

booksDie Psychoneurosen und ihre seelische Behandlung. Vorlesungen gehalten an der Universitat Bern. Vorrede von Dr... by P. Dr. Dubois (1910)

booksThe Psychoneuroses and Their Treatment by Psychotherapy / by Professor J. Dejerine and Dr. E. Gauckler ; Authorized... by Joseph Jules (1849-1917) & Gauckler, E. Dejerine (1913)

booksLE CERVELET. Étude Anatomique, Clinique et Physiologique. Travail du Laboratoire du Dr Dejerine Hospice de la... by André (Andre). THOMAS (1897)


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Dejerine–Roussy syndrome
Disease or medical condition

Dejerine–Roussy syndrome or thalamic pain syndrome is a condition developed after a thalamic stroke, a stroke causing damage to the thalamus. Ischemic strokes and Hemorrhagic strokes can cause lesioning in the thalamus. The lesions, usually present...

Dejerine–Sottas disease
Disease or medical condition

Dejerine–Sottas disease, also known as Dejerine–Sottas syndrome, Dejerine–Sottas neuropathy, progressive hypertrophic interstitial polyneuropathy of childhood and onion bulb neuropathy, is a hereditary neurological disorder characterised by damage to...