Definition funny of Datura:

urbanA drug that should not be done, unless you are ready to step one foot into a grave, and risk not returning.

urban"Pass me the rest of the Datura seeds, I'm throwing them out the window so noone else wakes up three days later in the hospital with no recollection."

urbanThe Atropa Belladonna plant, its seeds contain Atropine and Scopolamine, two very hallucenogenic chemicals. An extremely heavy trip, often so heavy that you will wake up the next day temporarily completely amnesic, and it is easy to die from overdose. Also, it will fuck up your sight pretty badly for the next 3 days. Not a recommended trip, unless you have nothing to live for.

urbanI took some datura seeds, and spent all day talking to my laundry basket.

urbanAka: Jimson Weed; Devil's Apple; Thorn Apple; Stinkweed; Devil's Weed; Malpitte; Moonflower NOT the same as belladonna. Datura is a deliriant, as is belladonna, henbane, mandrake, nutmeg, and many others. Datura, belladonna, henbane, mandrake, and similar plants all contain the same alkaloids, such as scopolamine and hyoscyamine, which produce the effects. But there is zero comparison to datura in terms of dangerousness of use. People have ended up in the hospital, in jail, and in the grave. reputations have been ruined and people have been hurt. There is NO other vault on Erowid.org with as many negative trip reports as datura. Everyone who goes to the hospital under the influence fights the doctors and nurses and ends up in a straight jacket or sedated.

urbanFrankly, even the word "deliriant" should scare you out of putting it in your body. Very few people have ever reported a willingness to try it again. But whatever you do...don't use datura. Use safer drugs such as heroin, cocaine, PCP, meth, and ketamine instead.

urban"Dátura is a hallucinogenic plant and if you put too much of the essance in water it could kill you or give you a great trip." - Tori Amos


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Biological Genus, Literature Subject, Organism Classification

Datura is a genus of nine species of poisonous vespertine flowering plants belonging to the family Solanaceae. They are known as angel's trumpets, sometimes sharing that name with the closely related genus Brugmansia, and commonly as daturas. They...

Datura stramonium
Biological Species, Drug ingredient, Organism Classification

Datura stramonium, known by the common names Jimson weed, Devil's snare or datura, is a plant in the Solanaceae family. It is believed to have originated in the Americas, but is now found around the world. Other common names for D. stramonium include...