Definition funny of Dadouche:

urban1. Word used to describe an action taken by someone or upon someone or something 2. Word used to describe the sound of an action or reaction.... Usually in repetition 3. Can be a sexual reference for intercourse

urban1. I was just standing there and this dude comes out of nowhere and starts punchin me in the face like da douche da douche and broke my nose 2. He was skatin toward some stairs and I saw the whole thing; lost his footing and started rolling across the pavement, da douche da douche, getting all messed up. 3. We got to drinkin and soon enough; da douche


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Pop Artist, Award Winner, Musical Artist, Award Nominee, Person, Musician

Jenifer Yaƫl Dadouche-Bartoli, better known as simply Jenifer, is a pop singer who has, since 2002, had a number of hit singles on the French, Belgian and Swiss charts. She gained fame through her participation on the French television show Star...

Michel Dadouche
Man, Person