Definition funny of Cunjin:

urbana proverted hairy chested individual that likes little chrildren.

urbanthe cunjin better known as a kane cashin is a creature of habbit and can usally be found peering through ya chrildens windows at night and in parks and around pre schools the word cunjin(kane cashin) can be used in such phrases as "you useless cunt" and "oi get away from my kids you creep" and "get out side and stop veeting on my floor" and most commonly "fuck cunjin" otherwords coming from the word cunjin include "cunj" a rape techiqiue for children "kane cashin" another word for a useless cunt "jin" a creature you can normally find the kane cashin hanging with


Wiki information Cunjin:

Li Cunjin

Li Cunjin, originally Sun Chongjin, was a military general in imperial China's Tang Dynasty, and later the Jin territory in the ensuing Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period after Tang's collapse. He served the Shatuo leaders Li Keyong — who adopted...

Cunjin Bridge Park

Cunjin Bridge Park is a park located in the prefecture-level city Zhanjiang, China. It was built in 1958 to commemorate resistance to the French occupation that began in 1898. Cunjin Bridge Park is named after Tang Dynasty general Li Cunjin, who died...