Numerology information Cubism:

numerologyName Number: 4 Meaning: Stability, Sameness, Regular, Rules, Condition, Responsibility, Routine, Frame, Detail, Order


Definition funny of Cubism:

urban1. Pablo Picasso broke his subjects into pieces and painted those shards with alternate hues in order to escape the usual dimensions of the painted canvas and formulate the school of cubism. 2. Dulce Maria was an American girl to the max and also had many tell-tale indicators of cubism.

urban-what the hell is that -Cubism

urbanPerson 1: I cant stay up and drink, I have to go to church tomarrow. Person 2: What, do you practice, christianity? Person 1: No, cubism.

urbanAD player 1: I dont think there should be a server wipe! thats not fair! evil! wrong! AD player 2: ah but its necessary... Gelatinous Cube91788: know what else is evil? McDonalds... ^^^^^ as you can see I latched onto the word evil and used the said word to attempt changing the topic, with any luck talk will shift more towards what is evil, or McDonalds in general.

urbanNormal Guy: lol i played there for a few days once and got sick of the insane people and just went a rampage killing everyone in the town. got banned...then went on another anphillia server just to be an ass and made a char names "flaming gay homo somethin cant remember and cut up on the dms the whole time Cubism Follower: I didn't know you were a flaming gay homo.

urbanThread regarding theoretical physics: Mister X - "Well then Stephen Hawkin told us that well the universe is one giant fish bowl" Mister Y - "Really? I always thought his theories to be out there myself." Mister Z (A Cubism Follower) - "Hey I love McDonalds POSTCOUNT++ ROFL!! LOLLERS!!!"


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