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urbanCommonly used in the Winnipeg vernacular, and beyond in several areas of Canada. 1.A funeral parlor and crematory that is commonly used to denote being 'burned'or embarassed, as well as situations where somebody or something is actually burned or incinerated. 2. adj. Croped can be used as well as an adjective 3. In an extension of its original meaning, Croped can also be used to denote somebody being 'owned' or rocked by somebody else, especially in action movies.

urban"Dude! You got Croped!" "You took him down to the Cropo" "Bruce Willis just croped that terrorist! Right in the brain!"


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A cropout, crop-out or crop out is a horse with body spots, including pinto or appaloosa spotting, or "high white" horse markings, with a sire and dam who both appeared to have been solid-colored. There are several variations in the definition,...

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