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numerologyName Number: 1 Meaning: Individual, Masculine, Logic, Self, Active, Leadership, Initiative, Assertive


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urbanLiterally "Costume Play." Dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (usually a sci-fi, comic book, or anime character).

urbanThere are anime cosplay conventions around the world.

urbanCosplay: It is a word that has it's root in costume play. It is both a noun and a verb. Cosplay can mean the actual costume, as well as the action of wearing it Contrary to popular belief, many cosplayers (well over 98%) do not believe they are the characters they are "cosplaying" as. Cosplays are typically worn to anime conventions. Cosplays are made for the following reasons.. ---- 1.) To recreate a 2 dimensional art form into 3-D. 2.) To challenge one's self to create a cosplay. Many of which dont seem possible to physically create, but somehow are. 3.) To show appreciation and/or interest in a certain anime/manga/videogame. 4.) To take pride in a cosplay that looks well done. 5.) Because normal cloth that is shitted out for everyone via mass factories and little kids in china are dull. Cosplays are much more interesting to wear. And each cosplay is one of a kind unique considering the wearer most likely made it him/herself. 6.)It's a Hobby ---- Reasons why cosplays are worn: 1.) To take pride in ones own creation 2.) To wear something out of the ordinary (societies restrictions on what is allowable to be worn everyday is bland) 3.) To show support and/or interest in an anime/manga/videogame 4.) Self expression. Often the character that is choosen to be cosplayed mirrors the actual person wearing the cosplay. The person's personality is like the character Not the other way around (the person wants to be the character). 5.) To get into the spirit of the son 6.) To have fun ---- Cosplayers cosplay for the same reasons that... 1.)Sports fans wear jersies and paint themselves for games. 2.)Goths wear all black, punk wear punk cloth, Preps wear tight cloth, "gangstas" wear baggy cloth.... But for cosplayers....A cosplay is worn for 1-3 days out of the year. A limited and restrained form of self expression. ---- Cosplay is a "HOBBY". Much like a model builder builds models, a person modifies their car, a hunter hunts (when they can buy food instead), a gamer plays games, a sports fan watches sports. A cosplayer cosplays (makes costumes). ------- For every 7 good cosplays there is one that someone did without putting any effort into. Those crappy cosplays are the ones that are shown on message boards and posted around everywhere. These shit cosplays are what give the rest of the cosplayers a bad name. ----- (this applies to American cosplay)

urbanNoun: I made that cosplay in 5 hours. Verb: I like to cosplay

urbanCosplay is an abbreviation of "costume-play". The term refers to dressing up as an anime/manga/game character. Cosplay is a popular hobby of teen-aged girls in Japan, and is also prominent amongst anime fans worldwide. Sometimes, cosplays can be very good; with a well-crafted, well-fitting costume that looks like its original reference. Such cosplays often require hours of hard work, and considerable seing talent. Other times, cosplays can be horrendous; especially when fat, balding, middle-aged men decide to cosplay as Sailor Moon, or when a costume really doesn't fit the wearer.

urbanShizuka likes to cosplay as characters from different anime series on weekends. "Aww, man! That fat dude dressed up as Sailor V. over there really shouldn't cosplay!"

urbanCosplay- The act of gathering raw and ready made materials to create a 3D object from a 2Dreference. Cosplay are referenced from not just Japanese anime or manga but from video games and even american comics. Cosplay can be anything from weapons to clothes to even automotives or animals. The skills required to complete a finished "Cosplay" include anything from: sewing, woodcraft, knitting, sculpting, metal working, painting, fabric dying, hair styling etc. A large component of cosplay is the understanding of composition and proportion so that the costume will look correct on yourself as it does the character you are trying to emulate.


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Hobby, Award discipline, Product theme, Periodical Subject, TV subject, Interest

Cosplay, short for costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name. Cosplayers often interact to...

Cosplay restaurant
Restaurant, Employer, Organization Location

Cosplay restaurants, are theme restaurants and pubs that originated in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, around the year 1999. They include maid cafés and butler cafés, where the service staff dress as elegant maids, or as butlers. Such restaurants and cafés...


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