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urbanA reference to the Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life," in which a mutant with godlike mental powers, in the guise of a monstrous 6-year-old boy, sends with a wish anyone and anything that displeases him to a limbo-like void known as The Cornfield. This term is frequently used on Metafilter to describe the banishment, temporary or permanent, of members who disregard the sensibilities of The Community.

urbanExample: "Since I'm probably off to the cornfield anyway, Mano, fuck you. If you don't like it, don't read it."

urbanCornfield..A ficticious place where you wish people that you dont like or care for to go to.

urbanExample...My husband makes me sick,I think I'm gonna wish him to the cornfield.

urbanA place surrounded by unwanted ears. When you are on the phone with someone and you can't say something because there are too many people around to hear it (with their ears).

urbanD: So L has a nasty rash that she needs antibiotics for. K: How did she get it? D: I cant say right now I am in a cornfield. K: Oh too many ears in the room right now. Cool call me later and tell me what happened.

urbana corn field is when you cant talk about a subject becuase of the "ears" that are around who are listening


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