Books about Commius:

booksCommius by Eric Ratcliffe (1976)

booksCommius: The Man and the Memory by Eric Ratcliffe (Aug 1975)

booksCommius (The Quarto poets) by Eric Ratcliffe (1976)

booksFrench King: Commius and the Legend of Lear by Eric Ratcliffe (Jan 1990)


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Man, Deceased Person, Person

Commius was a historical king of the Belgic nation of the Atrebates, initially in Gaul, then in Britain, in the 1st century BC.

Man, Person

Eppillus was the name of a Roman client king of the Atrebates tribe of the British Iron Age. He was the son of Commius, the Gaulish former ally of Julius Caesar who fled to Britain following the uprising of Vercingetorix, or possibly of his...