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urbanDerived from the Greek work Cleetophus. Cleek -- Is more than a word...it's an expression. Cleek is the word you use whenever something embarrassing happens or whenever their is an awkward moment that is building up and the awkwardness has to be broken so the world can move on, this is when you say cleek. Cleeeeeeeeeek - This is the same as cleek but with added emphasis, hold the eee's 3 seconds or more.

urban1. Someone made food for you, you tasted it but didn't really like it, your brother asks you, how was the food your friend made? "It was cleek". 2. Your at church talking to a friend outside of a restroom, while chatting, someone who you don't know walks out of the restroom with a long trail of toilet paper stuck to their shoe walking back into the sanctuary.. you would both say to each other "Cleeeeeeeeeek!!". 3. Your girlfriend's breath smells, and your not sure if she ate pesto or marinara sauce... but you can't offend her because then it would turn into a nightmare, so you hand her a piece of gum and say "here, your breath is cleek".

urbanA golf iron, somewhere between a number 2 and 7 club

urbanPenny: You call me a hoe again and i'll stomp yo arse with my cleek. Fck a 9. I swing in the middle beezy! here's yo respect son. Beezy: god lawdy she ant' skerd Penny: Them middle irons get it done

urbanfrom cl(craigslist) and geek. someone who spends too much time on craigslist or other such sites.

urbanwhen ever i get on the computer i check out craigslist, i'm turning into a cleek. that guy spends more time on craigslist than on free porn what a cleek. if i wasn't a cleek i couldn't afford anything. mikie the yorkie is a cleek.

urbanAct of pressing a button or pulling a lever which results in a "cleeking" noise.


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Man, Person

Christie Cleek, is a legendary Scottish cannibal, somewhat in the vein of the better-known Sawney Bean.

Chris Cleek
Production Designer, Film art director, Film crewmember, Person

Chris Cleek is an art director and production designer.