Definition funny of Claymore:

urban1. A large Scottish two handed sword. Derived from the Gaelic word calidheamhmor, meaning Great Sword. 2. A remote detonated mine used by the US Military.

urban1. Scottish warriors fought with claymores. 2. Claymores are used to blow things up.

urbanRemote triggered mine currently used by the US military. It consists of many ball bearings which fly out when the C4 explosive detonates, making it a good plast explosive and a good area-effect mine.

urbanWe plant the claymore there, and when Saddam Hussein walks on it, blow the bastard straight to hell.

urbanAn anime about a woman named clare who fights demons.

urbanClaymore is a dark anime, about a female warriors colloquially termed claymores who have been augmented to be able to fight demons called Yoma which each human guts. Yoma are much more powerful than humans; able to easily kill a human and can take the form of their prey to remain hidden. As the series progresses, clare is called upon to fight awakened beings; entities even more powerful than many claymores. The anime is 26 episodes long and is actually quite good. Over time, information about clare's past and her motivation in becomming a claymore and fighting agaisnt yoma are revealed, as well as facts about the organization that employers her are revealed. English subs can be found online. This one is definitely for anyone who liks a good action/adventure/romance/drama story.

urban1. An anti-personel mine used by the military. Consisting of hundreds of BBs packed into a plastic casing backed by a few pounds of plastic explosives. 2. A long Scottish sword that is held with two hands.


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