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Chungseon of Goryeo
Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Chungseon of Goryeo was the 26th king of the Goryeo dynasty of Korea. He is sometimes known by his Mongolian name, Ijirbuqa. Adept at calligraphy and painting, rather than politics, he generally preferred the life of the Yuan capital Beijing to that...

Chungsuk of Goryeo
Deceased Person, Person

King Chungsuk was king of the Goryeo, from 1313 to 1330 and again from 1332 to 1339. In 1314 King Chungseon passed the throne to his son Chungsuk. In 1321 Chungsuk fathered his son Chunghye. This prompted the previous crown prince of Goryeo, Öljeitü,...