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urbanThe act of destroying your reputation online in an accelerated fashion. Popularized by Paul Christoforo's famous customer service email that single handedly destroyed his company and went viral.

urbanBob pulled a christoforo by posting a racist tweet.

urbanChristoforo:Douchebag, Idiot, bad customer support. Reference to: Paul Christoforo / Ocean Market Inc. PR Guy, offering outstanding bad customer support by responding arrogant, insulting and just plain stupid with bad grammar and almost no punctuation. pull a Christoforo: 1. Ruin your company due to bad customer support. 2. Respond to customers in the most insane, humiliating and repulsive way you can imagine.

urbanDude, don't order there, their customer support is christoforo. You've seen that dumb christoforo over there? Q: Where is Paul? A: Oh, he pulled a christoforo and decided to sleep under that bridge.

urbannoun 1. A semi-literate douchebag who ruined his career, and the reputation of the company he represented, by being a prick to a series of customers and “Gabe” of Penny Arcade and PAX fame. verb 2. The act of being a career ending douche to the wrong person. noun 3. Solid human waste, excrement. verb 4. The act of moving the human bowel, to defecate.

urban1. "I wwebsite as on the internet" 2. "Hey Mikey, We’re not renting a booth at pax east this year , bigger and better shows to be at we got nothing from the show . Oh so you know this guy has sold over 500 thousand dollars of product in Dec and is my main distribution arm landing us in GameStop , fry’s , Myers , Best buy , Activision , MLG , play N trade and a lot more . Were in 6 countries and you’re not going to take my money for a booth that’s a crock I can guarantee I’ll get a booth if I want one money buys a lot and connections go even further. He’s a native Bostonian from Little Italy . Who are you again ?" 3. "Did you see that CHRISTOFORO someone left in the john? It was as big a babies arm!" 4. "Dude after eating that chili I need to take a huge CHRISTOFORO."

urbannoun 1. Solid human waste, excrement. verb 2. The act of moving the human bowel, to defecate.


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songsOver to You, Christoforo Colombo! by Grzegorz Pleszynski from the Album Antidepressant Music in the Car


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booksViews of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam: Christoforo Borri on Cochinchina and Samuel Baron on Tonkin (Studies on... by Samuel Baron, Christoforo Borri, Olga Dror and K. W. Taylor (Dec 15, 2006)

booksDe Christoforo's Complete Book of Power Tools Both Stationary and Portable by R. J. Christoforo (Jan 1, 1973)

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booksViews of Seventeenth-Century Vietnam: Christoforo Borri on Cochinchina and Samuel Baron on Tonkin.(Book review... by Nola Cooke (Dec 5, 2008)


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Christoforo Borri
Author, Person, Deceased Person

Christoforo Borri, also called Christopher Borrus in older English sources, was a Jesuit missionary in Southeast Asia, a mathematician, and an astronomer.

Constantinos Christoforou
Pop Artist, Person, Musical Artist, Musician, Composer

'Constantinos Christoforou' is a Cypriot singer. He was born in Limassol, Cyprus on 25 April 1976.