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urbanCommonly referred to as Chris, or Hollywood Chris. A man, usually of Greek origin, that is very well-endowed. A sexy english accent is common among Chrsanthos'. He's a charming young fella but may occasionally have a douchey moment. He's quick witted and likes taking the piss. He averages about 165 pounds and is usually 100% pure muscle. They excel at games such as rock paper scissors and have a knack for picking up new things. He's confident and self assured but likes the praise of women especially those from Canada, in particular, ones named Angela of whom he longs for every night. In addition to his attractive appearance, and confident swagger Chrisanthos' can be quite sensitve, they enjoy classic films and have a soft spot for romantic tear jerkers, particularly those emotional airport scenes. This is why, when dealing with a Chrisanthos you must ALWAYS be waiting to greet them with open arms when they arrive at an airport or you will feel forever indebted to them because they have a sly way of laying on guilt trips. All in all Chrisanthos' are like needles in haystacks so when you find one...... DON'T LEAVE THEM AT THE AIRPORT!

urban"aww look at that hot guy waiting all alone at the airport... his name must be Chrisanthos." You've got to see a Chrisanthos' 'package'


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Musical Artist, Person

Kostas Loudovikos
Man, Person

Κostas Loudovikos is a painter and author. Kostas Loudovikos was born in Volos in 1961. He graduated from the Law School of Athens in 1983. He was instructed in the History of Art by the professor, art historian and academician Chrisanthos Christou...