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urbanA girl who, although tiny in stature, is bound with an abundance of charisma. She speaks in animated inflections of vocal tonality. Friendly, caring, and generous, she attracts many new people. However, whom she considers her friends is much more important than knowing eight hundred and twenty three acquaintances. Hugs hold more value than handshakes with her. Open and more optimistic than cynical, she thinks in Technicolor, not black and white, making for lengthy, intimate conversation when she's with other likeminded people who also usher in new ideas. Born with an active imagination, children storybooks are never far from her reach. She keeps her day-to-day refreshing by looking through childlike eyes. But don't be hoodwinked by her innocent doe-eyed head tilts, because she is a natural born car saleslady who can easily persuade you with her aforementioned charisma and quick tongue, shooting you with her bullet points about why it's her way—and not the highway—that is more efficient. And usually, she is right. She can be down-to-ground mellow one minute and passionately stubborn the next, speaking her mind as free as Peter Pan drifting amongst the morning stars. So don't cross her. However, be sure not to confuse this aggressiveness as spiteful; she just knows what she likes and dislikes. Overall, you need more people like her in your life. Make an effort to know her, and she'll always offer a sonic boom of a helping hand.

urban"I'm tired of these other girls surface-talking about gossip. Can we have more of a Chiori conversation?" "Man, I just don't want to go. Stop trying to Chiori me into going." "Let's go to Disneyland! I feel so Chiori right now!" "Don't be so Daria about life. Be more Chiori." "You need to get over yourself. Start thinking about those around you. It's the Chiori thing to do."


Songs about Chiori:

songsChiori by Voyvoda from the Album Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?


Books about Chiori:

booksAntigone Project by Tanya Barfield, Karen Hartman, Chiori Miyagawa, Lynn Nottage [2009] (0100)

booksHome to Medicine Mountain (98) by Santiago, Chiori [Paperback (2002)] by Santiago (2002)

booksAntigone Project (09) by Barfield, Tanya - Hartman, Karen - Miyagawa, Chiori - Nottage, [Paperback (2009)] by Barfield (2009)

books[ [ [ Woman Killer [ WOMAN KILLER ] By Miyagawa, Chiori ( Author )Apr-16-2010 Paperback by Chiori Miyagawa (Apr 16, 2010)


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Canonical Version, Musical Recording

Chiori Miyagawa
Dramatist, Person, Author

Chiori Miyagawa is a playwright.


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