Books about Chelone:

bookschelones / χελώνες by chermans santra / χέρμανς σάντρα (2006)

booksoi chelones tou varonou / οι χελώνες του βαρώνου by trivizas eugenios / τριβιζάς ευγένιος (2006)

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booksA Description of the Chelone Glabra or Snake-Head, Turtle-Head, Balmony, Shellflower or Cod-Head Wildflower [Figwort... by Neltje (adapted By Asa D. Dickinson) Blanchan (1922)

booksKey to the genus Penstemon and its related genera in the tribe Chelonea: Including Chelone, Chionophila, Keckiella... by Robin Lodewick (1999)


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Biological Genus, Organism Classification

Chelone is a genus of four species of perennial herbaceous plants native to eastern North America. They all have similarly shaped flowers, which vary in color from white to red, purple or pink. C. cuthbertii, C. glabra, and C. lyonii are diploid and...


In Greek mythology, Chelone was a nymph or a mortal woman who was changed into a tortoise by the gods. "Khelônê" means "tortoise" in Greek, and the tortoise was a symbol both of the lyre and of silence in ancient times, as in the ancient riddle Dum...