Definition funny of Chattu:

urbanTo stach in a status comment box on Facebook or other social networking sites

urbanI just had the longest chattus with my friend drew, and it had nothing to do with my status


Books about Chattu:

booksGlobal Health: IMR as a crucial Indicator for MDG 4: Exploring the interconnectedness of MDGs 1 & 4 by Verbal... (2012)


Wiki information Chattu:


The Chattuarii or Attoarii were a Germanic tribe of the Franks. They lived originally north of the Rhine in the area of the modern border between Germany and the Netherlands, but then moved southwards in the 4th century, as a Frankish tribe living on...

Character Species

In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, specifically in the sci-fi themed Spelljammer campaign setting, the chattur, also known as the "space bandit", is a magical beast.