Meaning : Energy Center Of The Body, Energy Center of the Body,

Origin : Indian (Sanskrit),

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Chakra Expression, Chakra Soul Urge, Chakra Inner Dream


Numerology information Chakra:

numerologyName Number: 6 Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice


Additional information Chakra:

additionalThere are 7 Chakras in the body, corresponding with the seven colors of the rainbow.

additionalIndian Meaning: The name Chakra is an Indian baby name. In Indian the meaning of the name Chakra is: Symbol of the sun.


Definition funny of Chakra:

urbanChakras are also, in Yoga and many new-age psychic circles, the energy points in the spirit/soul/energy body where different kinds of energy flow through. As one progresses from bottom to top, each chakra delves into theoretically more complex forms of thought and emotion. There are seven, though some consider the eighth to be the aura or something along those lines. There can really be more or less, depending on how complex the mysticism makes it. I've seen three, and I've seen 20+ (usually any beyond 7 include 'lesser' chakras, energy conduits on the body that don't serve a function other than taking in and expelling psychic energy).

urbanThe third eye chakra is associated with the pineal gland.

urbanChakra is Naruto's (anime series) answer to other roleplaying games' or shows' mana. The theory states that chakra is an energy that is created within the human body and released through tiny holes in your skin known as chakra holes that enables you to apply near-magic techniques into fighting, such as boosting your kicks and punches, improving movement speed, agility, and even manipulate the environments to create wind, energy thrusts, walk on vertical surfaces etc etc etc...

urbanNaruto has an exceptionally high chakra production within his body in addition to being able to draw extra -special- chakra from a fox demon sealed within his body to perform special moves and fighting techniques.

urbansubtle energy centers of the spine

urbanThe least subtle of the chakras is at the base of the spine. The most subtle of the chakras is at the crown of the head.


Expression information Chakra:

expressionfor harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things.


Soul information Chakra:

soulPeople with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.


Songs about Chakra:

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songsOpen Your Chakras (energy healing meditation) by davidji from the Album Guided Meditations: Fill What Is Empty; Empty What Is Full


Books about Chakra:

booksChakra and Crystal Healing Box Set: Energy Work For Self Healing (Chakra Balancing, Chakra Clearing, Self Healing... by Mary Solomon (Sep 29, 2014)

booksThe Chakras by Janet Boyer (Mar 2, 2011)

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Movies about Chakra:

moviesKundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the Chakras with Maya Fiennes - Complete Season 1 2013 CC - Directed by: Maya Fiennes

moviesKundalini Yoga - A Journey thru the Chakras with Ana Brett & Ravi Singh 2011 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins Directed by: Createspace

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moviesChakra Dance Flow, with Darshan and Mariyah. Open level chakra understanding 2013 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 28 mins Starring: Darshan and Mariyah Directed by: Unavailable

moviesGuruji: Chakra Cleaning, Re- energizing + Rebalancing, Life Line Reconstruction 2011 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 19 mins Directed by: Anthony Kovic


Wiki information Chakra:


In sanatan/Hindu and tantric/yogic traditions and other belief systems chakras are energy points or knots in the subtle body. Chakras are part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the subtle energy...

Sudarshana Chakra

The Sudarshana Chakra is a spinning, disk-like weapon with 108 serrated edges used by the Hindu god Vishnu. The Sudarshana Chakra is generally portrayed on the right rear hand of the four hands of Vishnu, who also holds a shankha, a Gada and a...