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booksDocumente privitore la Istoria Romanilor, etc. Supplement I. Volumul II. 1781-1814: Cu Portretul lui Ioan Gheorghe... (1885)


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John Caradja
Deceased Person, Person, Family member

John Caradja or John George Caradja was a Phanariote Prince of Wallachia, who reigned between 1812 and 1818. He became famous due to the code of law known as the Legiuirea Caragea, which was the first modern code of the Danubian Principalities, but...

Caradja family

Caradja, Karadja or Caragea is an aristocratic family of Byzantine and Phanariote Greek origins, present as dignitaries in the Ottoman Empire, and established as hospodars and boyars in the Danubian Principalities from the late 16th century. One...