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urbanA website created by 4chan founder, moot in 2010. Canvas users, commonly self-titled "canvasaurs", can post and remix (edit) images. Canv.as is a SFW site, and has moderators that remove inappropriate posts. After a user creates an account, he/she can click and drag stickers onto other users' images. The default stickers include... ...a blue smile, "for things that make you smile" ...a red frown, "for something so awful... and yet... you kind of like it" ...a monocle, "reserved for all things classy, intelligent, or eloquent" ...a green LOL, "for things that make you laugh out loud" ...a purple shocked face, "for things that amaze or surprise you" ...a grey question mark, "for something you'd like to know more about" ...a cookie, "for things that deserve a cookie" ...a pink heart, "for things that make you say 'awwww'" When a user receives enough stickers from other users to level up, she/he receives the corresponding number of golden #1 stickers for his/her level. Users also receive three golden #1 stickers per day they log in. These stickers can be used to purchase "epic stickers" from the Sticker Shop. While users have an unlimited amount of default stickers (listed above), they have as many epic stickers as they have purchased and as many #1s as they have earned.

urbanSeasonal stickers appear on holidays. Although a user does not have to purchase seasonal stickers, he/she receives a limited number of them and has a limited amount of time to use them. "Sticker begging", which has become quite common on the site, is the act of deliberately posting an image of something that looks like a sticker to receive said sticker. For example, if a user posts an image of a plate of cookies, he could be sticker begging for cookie stickers. If a user posts an image of something completely purple, she could be sticker begging for purple shocked faces, whether or not the image contains shocked faces. Many newfriends may believe that canv.as has "celebrities", users who post often, are talented at remixing, have been on the site for longer than most, or receive a lot of stickers. There is no validity to these statements. However, the Canv.as Team, a group of web developers who work on the website, including moot, often posts on the site. If a user is a member of the Canv.as Team, he/she will have a star to the left of his/her username. Canv.as has an unofficial IRC room on Rizon's server, called #canv.as.

urbanTo knock on doors and ask if they are the owner to get the actual salesman an appointment to meet the homeowner. To weed out renters, sqatters, or anyone who can't make a legal finacial desision about the certain property.

urbanWe need to canvas this neighborhood so we can weed out who is renting/not interested so the salesman can come in and talk to the homeowner and sale our product.

urbanA boxing term referring to a heavy bag. Used because many of the older heavy bags were packaged in canvas-like material.

urbanOk, finish your workout by going a two minute round on the canvas then take a break.

urbanVerb. To CANVAS syn.: To own. Commercial grade exploit thingie by Dave Idle.


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booksThe Canvas by Benjamin Stein and Brian Zumhagen (Sep 26, 2012)

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booksCANVAS: Autumn 2014 (Canvas Teen Literary Journal) (Volume 7) by Canvas Literary Journal, Julia Taylor, Peter Wood and Amelia Willard (Oct 9, 2014)

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booksCanvas of Clay: Seven Centuries of Hopi Ceramic Art by Edwin L. Wade and Allan Cooke (Aug 15, 2012)

booksCanvas Remix: Techniques For Creating Mixed-Media Accessories by Alisa Burke (Jul 8, 2008)


Movies about Canvas:

moviesCanvas 2008 PG-13 CC - Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins Starring: Joe Pantoliano, Marcia Gay Harden, et al. Directed by: Joseph Greco

moviesPolytychs: Multi-Canvas Painting 2010 NR - Runtime: 49 mins Directed by: CreateSpace

moviesGRAFFITI VERITE' 4 (GV4): Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls & Canvas 2008 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 7 mins Starring: SANO the Multi Award-Winner of the International Graffiti Art Competition Directed by: Bob Bryan

moviesCanvas the Night 2014 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 35 mins Starring: Eric Sharp, Jason Reed, Duffy Hudson, et al. Directed by: Andrew H. Enriquez

moviesCanvas 2006 PG-13 - Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins Starring: Joe Pantoliano, Marcia Gay Harden, et al. Directed by: Joseph Greco

moviesJames Picard Off The Canvas 2010 NR - Runtime: 45 mins Starring: James Picard, LINDEN BANKS, JAY CURRIE, et al. Directed by: Chris Hooper

moviesCanvas [HD] 2013 NR CC - Runtime: 30 mins Starring: Naki, Noah Funaki, Kameron Brown, et al. Directed by: Better Weather LLC


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Visual Art Medium, Art Subject, Visual art support

Canvas is an extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees, backpacks, and other items for which sturdiness is required. It is also popularly used by artists as a painting surface, typically stretched across a wooden...

Canvas element

The canvas element is part of HTML5 and allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. It is a low level, procedural model that updates a bitmap and does not have a built-in scene graph.


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