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urban1. money, cash, of monetary value. 2. really super awesome, money. Traces back to the late 1400's when James Sharp invented the first kerosene stove. Before going out to the pub one night, Sharp's drinking buddy realized he was short on cash. Looking to the new kerosene stove for a slang term for money, he realized that the turning the dial to turn on the bunson burner very closely resembled the universal sign for money.

urbanSharp, you old poof, I don't have nearly enough bunson to pay for those clear heels.

urbanThis is a guy in your group that has the worst luck. He gets beat on by everyone in your crew, but if anyone ouside of that crew fucks with your Bunson, they catch a serious beating for it. This person is beyond famous in the area you live in for doing some of the stupidest things in public. Also know for becoming exceedingly intoxicated and inflicting pain on herself.

urbanHey, they're fucking with Bunson, fucking get em'!

urban1) A really hot chick with sex appeal, and lots of ass, hence, the BUNS-ON the BURNER. 2) Also known as a fox. Synonym: Bloody Antonym: Gutted Derived from the Marion-Franklin chemistry class "bunson burner"; the gas torch.

urbanGuy 1: Hey bro' look at ol' girl over there... Guy 2: Daamn, she Bunson as hell!!! Guy 1 (leaving his friends house): Aye yall, I'm out... headed to my lil'bunson's house... The Guys: Aight, later... Guy 1: Bro', keep it real, what did you think about my girl? Guy 2: I mean, she straight... She ain't BUNSON though.

urbanthe 420th wonder of the smoking word... a 2 1/5 foot pyrex steamroller made from old chemical tubbing..... full name Bunson Althouse.... has also been seen fixed to a bong to creat the ultimate hybrid, The Bunong or Bongson.


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Matthew Bunson
Author, Person, Award Nominee

Matthew Bunson is an American author of more than fifty books, a historian, professor, editor, Catholic theologian, and Senior Correspondent for Our Sunday Visitor, the largest Catholic publisher in the United States. He is the author of the books...

Margaret Bunson
Author, Person