Definition funny of Broskie:

urbanterm used by the coolest male group of friends in any community, school, environment etc. it is referred to as a title for those lucky enough to be considered a broskie. a broskie is closer than a bro.

urbanwanna go to a hockey game tonight broskie? broskie! i called shotgun before him. lets have a broskies' night out.

urbanA name given to a good friend. Usually used with ska people.

urbanWassup broskie

urbanthe definition of sexy/ hot/ slammin/ smokin/ bangin/ dreamy/ perfect hair.

urbanB-ROSKIE as in Broskie him self.

urbanMen who run in 'packs' with other broskies, especially at work & 'out on the town'. A broskie fabricates exploits with women in order to fit in, ironically unaware that, in reality, his fellows are equally unsuccessful with women. Broskie packs often employ a 'bro-hoe', typically the Alpha broskie's girlfriend, through which the others can vicariously experience relationships. Broskies tend to overdress and cultivate immaculate 'GAP model' beards or, failing that, make prodigious use of hair product in order to get that devil-may-care yuppie look. As their main drive is gaining acceptance, they constantly seek to impress the Alpha . Being sexually insecure, broskies will always avoid questions regarding their homoerotic clique structure.


Wiki information Broskie:

Sig Broskie
Baseball Catcher, Deceased Person, Measured person, Person, Athlete, Baseball Player

Sigmund Theodore "Chops" Broskie is a former Major League Baseball catcher. He played one season with the Boston Bees for the month of September in 1940.