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urbanadj. fake, lame, uncool

urbanBoy tells lame knock-knock joke. Friend "laughs" Boy replies: That laugh was so botox. You obviously didn't like my joke. Dan won first place in the spelling bee. Georgie came in second and congratulates Dan. Dan (to other friend): It was so botox how Georgie congratulated me.

urban"Kiss My Botox" - it really works! Botox can be very useful in treating back and neck pain, as well as headaches. Botox decreases muscle tension and pain. It also improves posture and walking and increases range of motion (ROM). The advantage of Botox over previous therapies is that, by pinpointing exactly where the muscle tension occurs, the source of the pain can be targeted. Doctors use Computed Tomography (CT) to specifically locate the offending muscle(s).

urbanexample: After unsuccessful treatments with medications, physical therapy, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulations, physical therapy, traction and surgery... the neurological pain specialist injected Botox into the painful areas of her neck. This was like a miracle after years of chronic pain.

urbanA poison used with a needle to reduce wrinkles. Must be done by a cosmetic doctor.

urbanBritney Spears gets botox shots because her smoking makes her pussy look like she had sex 200 times.

urbanbotox: a temporary filler..which cannot defy gravity..although some stupid uneducated TWATS think that it can..these people can often be seen not smiling and puttin on pouty sour puss faeces..A LOT. a more permanent filler however,would be silicon,some people just do not have a clue..in order for it to look good go to a reputable surgeon with a good record..simple.


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moviesThe Complete Guide to BOTOX Injections 2008 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 55 mins Starring: Dolores Kent M.D. Directed by: Humberto Estrada


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Play, Written Work

Botox is a Finnish play. It was written by Veijo Baltzar and produced in 2009.

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