Definition funny of Borel:

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Songs about Borel:

songsAh ! Le petit vin blanc (Borel-Clerc) by Emile Prud'homme & son Ensemble from the Album La Grande Epopée de la Libération

songsAh ! Le petit vin blanc (J. Dréjac - C. Borel Clerc) by Hubert Ledent from the Album Les Mordus du Zinc

songsAh ! Le petit vin blanc (J. Dréjac - C. Borel-Clerc) by Lina Margy from the Album Les chansons de ma jeunesse

songsAh ! Le petit vin blanc (J. Dréjac - Ch. Borel-Clerc) by Francine Aubret from the Album 160 minutes avec Jacques Hélian

songsAh ! Le petit vin blanc (J.Dréjac - C.Borel-Clerc) by Lily Lian from the Album Lian : Chansons des rues

songsAh ! Le petit vin blanc (J.Dréjac - C.Borel-Clerc) by Roberte Marna from the Album Les Jours heureux de la Libération

songsAh! Le petit vin blanc (Borel - Clerc - J. Dréjac) by Lina Margy from the Album Les Plus Belles Chansons : Volume 8 - 1945 - 1948


Books about Borel:

booksBorel Equivalence Relations (University Lecture Series) by Vladimir Kanovei (Sep 10, 2008)

booksPétrus Borel: 1881 (French Edition) by Alexandre Dumas (Oct 16, 2014)

booksBorel's Methods of Summability: Theory and Application (Oxford Mathematical Monographs) by Bruce Shawyer and Bruce Watson (Oct 27, 1994)

booksLa paz de Borel (Spanish Edition) by Alba Bentancor (Sep 26, 2014)

booksPetrus Borel, the Lycanthrope by Enid Starkie (1954)

booksThe Borel-Cantelli Lemma: 2 (SpringerBriefs in Statistics) by Tapas Kumar Chandra (Jul 4, 2012)

booksPopular Science 2014 March - Sleep. You Are Doing It Wrong. Science Can Help. By Brooke Borel by Popular Science (2014)


Wiki information Borel:

Borel set

In mathematics, a Borel set is any set in a topological space that can be formed from open sets through the operations of countable union, countable intersection, and relative complement. Borel sets are named after Émile Borel. For a topological...

Émile Borel
Mathematician, Politician, Namesake, Academic, Influence Node, Author, Name source, Person, Deceased Person

Félix Édouard Justin Émile Borel was a French mathematician and politician. As a mathematician, he was known for his founding work in the areas of measure theory and probability.