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urbanA sland term used when something isn't going your way.

urbanThese Damn teachers are failing me,man! They're bogush!

urbanto bogush someone: to rip a post apart on a (typically motoring related) forum. Specifically to demolish every part of an earlier post point by point, quoting the dissected original and interleaving your rebuttals between each point. Also, eg "/bogush" at the end of such a post

urbanProbably started about: Oh dear, I think I may have started this. My point in an earlier thread was that IO/ Bogush/ whatever is becoming unreadable. Now, IO, I happen to agree with what you say, but the manner and style is aggressive at the least. Your dissection of every line of text in a response is irritating and means that I just skip over anything and everything you write. The only reason I even read your "beeb" thread was that it was short and readable. After that, once the dissections started, I did what I always do and passed over it. So, *and please take this in the spirit in which it's meant*, consider whether making your points a little more concisely and a little less like a boxer at a pre-fight press conference you are more likely to be read. Regardless of further dissections and rants on this subject, I have had my final say. You are welcome to the last word. V http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/ index.htm?v=e&t=2874&m=26290 ------------------ Examples: How to signal to other drivers - Jonathan {p} Fri 6 Dec 02 18:12 Sorry if this is a little bit Bogush style. TrevorP If you are going to quote me, then please do it in it's entirity, as only choosing little bits changes the context. I also said (but you didn't quote) "Whenever I have seen something potentially dangerous on a car, I have always tried to signal to the driver or passenger if it was safe to do so". Please note the word "tried". I didn't say that I was successful. >> "Forgive me, but I think that is a rather selfish attitude" >> >> Hmmm. That is is a personal viewpoint, to which I am entitled to have. The point I was trying to make was that not trying to help because you may be abused is (in my opinion). Where do you draw the line? A woman getting beaten up? A pensioner having their purse stolen? What about someone trying to abduct your child? Now I'm sorry if these examples are a little excessive, but they represent the same issue, trying to stop someone else getting hurt. >> >> "It doesn't have to be descriptive or even accurate as long >> as they know you are trying to tell them something is >> wrong." >> >> Wonderful. I know. Say you have a pen and paper to hand and can make a note safely. Would you write "your off side rear tyre is getting low and you might want to check it out". or simply write "tyre"? Similarly, if the load on their roof rack was about to blow off, would you say that in as many words, or simply communicate "roof"? >> >> Would you please tell us (for THAT is is the whole >> point of the question) what your TOTALLY unambiguous signalling system (that >> NONE of us know of - remember) is? Is that better? http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/ index.htm?v=e&t=9077&m=92849 ---------------- Style without substance - Baskerville Tue 4 Feb 03 19:47 This is getting Bogush-esque, but anyway: "All of this is too much for consumers to take in" - says who? Says me. I was constructing an argument and stating my opinion. If you want some idea of how I reached this conclusion try Walter Bejamin's _Illuminations_ trans. (19551970) (various editions), David Harvey _The Condition of Postmodernity_. Oxford: Blackwell, 1989. Roland Barthes, _Mythologies_ (the famous essay on the Citroen DS is in there), various editions and translations, anything by Jean Baudrillard, or as an antidote, Richard Rorty. Todd Gitlin's essay "We Build Excitement" is good on motoring marketing in _Watching Television_. New York: Pantheon, 1987. Enough? "we tend to go with hearsay and prejudice" - well you might.. See above. We're having a discussion, remember? "This is almost certainly what has happened here" - really? Speculation, which in context qualifies the preceding statement that you've quoted next, out of sequence, and demonstrates perfectly well that this is opinion presented as such, not fact: "This whole build quality thing is largely urban myth" -evidence? Opinion again. See the qualifier above. "the JD Power customer satisfaction survey is largely nonsense" - it's you against them ChrisR I think you'll find I'm not alone on this one. "The low mileage private owner is going to be happier with his/her Nissan Micra (for example) than the rep in a 406" The rest of the sentence reads: "who thinks he/she should be in a 3-series at least." That's what I think. I didn't present it as anything other than opinion. Hands up who disputes this. "for car owners as a whole perceived build quality (i.e. clunkability) is more significant than actual build quality differences" The beginning of this sentence reads: "I suggested that..." So is this presented as fact or opinion? The word "I" is a clue. Sory for the long one. It won't happen again. http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/ index.htm?v=e&t=10331&m=106610 -------------- Our driving mistakes - Dynamic Dave Sat 18 Oct 03 19:53 >> My mistake was not paying full attention - probably because >> of the slow moving traffic. Gonna do a Bogush now VM, Errmm, no, you previously said that you were in a hurry to get your son to school. You have previously condoned people (Shurely thatsh 'condemned'? ND) for rushing around, being in a hurry, etc; and then you go and do the same. From a previous post of yours for example, www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/ index.htm?=e&t=15319&m=160272 maybe the motorcyclist was also in a hurry because he didn't want to be late for work, an appointment, etc. >> Had I been turning into a more dangerous road I would have >> been far more careful ! A more dangerous road???? From reading previous posts of yours, suggests that all roads are dangerous and all other drivers are a liability and hazzard to you. You should be careful and pay attention on any road. Why should you be less careful when you feel like it? >> You almost seem to be implying that I think I'm a perfect driver.... Perhaps it's your writing style VM; I have to admit reading some of your posts, they do come across that way. http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/ index.htm?v=e&t=16947&m=170694


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