Definition funny of Bluecap:

urbanA type of psychadelic mushroom.

urbanWe ate a bag of blue caps and smelled the colors for hours.


Books about Bluecap:

booksBluecap And Bimbi. The Blue Wrens. (1948)

booksBLUECAP and BIMBI - GECKO and MOKEE by Leslie Rees (1975)

booksBluecap and Bimbi : Gecko ; and Mokee by Leslie Rees, Leslie, ; Rees, Leslie, ; Oliver, Tony, Rees (1975)

booksBluecap and Bimbi the blue wrens by Leslie; Oliver, Tony (illustrations) Rees (1983)

booksBluecap and Princess Miranda (Time for reading series-book 3) by Phyllis Scriven (1953)

booksEthel Jane and Billy Blue-cap. by N.B. Stevenson (1947)


Wiki information Bluecap:


A bluecap is a mythical fairy or ghost in English folklore that inhabits mines and appears as a small blue flame. If miners treat them with respect, the bluecaps lead them to rich deposits of minerals. Like knockers or kobolds, bluecaps can also...

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