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urbanA number between 6 and 7.

urban"The Nobel Prize in mathematics was awarded to a California professor who has discovered a new number! The number is bleen, which he claims belongs between 6 and 7." --George Carlin

urbanA number between six and seven. Bleen is not 6.5 and may be counted as an integer in base-eleven. It's symbol resembles a figure-eight (8) without the left half of the top circle. Ie, a ) shape on top of o. It is also a color, seen in the muddy rainbow of a puddle of motor oil after the rain, colored niobium body jewlery, and around extrmely bright light sources. It describes when all or most perceivable colors appear visibly and at least somewhat distinctly in one place, and implies a shiney, metallic, glowing, neon, reflective or incandescant sheen. It is also a halliciongen which may be absorbed through the skin. Finally, it is a fictional animal. Bleens are sightless, land dwelling invertebrates, so named for their call, which sounds rather like "Bleen." The color of bleen comes from their opalescant, shifting, multi-hued bodies. They are unusual among invertibrates in that they are large, warm-blooded, and do not need to be kept wet, possessing a soft, non-posionous skin that is generally dry to the touch. They are approximately equal to humans in avarage mass, but undefineable in length or height as they are somewhat shapeshifting and ameoba-like.

urbanOne, two, three, four, five, six, bleen, seven, eight, nine, ten. Today on the Discovery channel - the mating rituals of the Bleen!

urbanA number between six and seven in base eleven. The practical applications are only evident in supergeometry and supercalculus, as taught by Professors James Kramer and Haley Sharp.

urbanIf I were to take bleen cubed and multiply it by the length of the superhypotenuse of the supertriangle, you would have the derivative of the identity matrix.

urbanA term coined in conjunction with the term "grue" by Nelson Goodman to illustrate the problem of induction. In this context, bleen means "blue if observed before a time t, and green if observed after," whereas grue is the other way around.


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