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numerologyName Number: 6 Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice


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urbanA country that was built upon corruption and incompetence. Along with their Turkish buddies, they were greatly influenced of the Mongolian Empire, and shortly after its collapse, both Turks and Azerbaijanis decided to start an empire of their own. Turks formed "The Ottoman Empire" which stretched into the Balkans, Mid East and North Africa. Azerbaijanis, on the other hand, failed to sustain a big empire and settled in the Caucasus region of Europe. When the Turks stole land from the Armenians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Albanians, etc. all those countries fought for their independence. Turkey, then, decided to savagely attack the Armenians, in an attempt to get rid of them. Azerbaijan decided to follow a similar pattern, but this time it would be a war, rather genocide. In the war, Azerbaijan was brutally losing by a 7:1 casualty rate to the Armenians. Modern day Azerbaijan consists of bribes, bootlegged DVDs and drugs. Along with the Turks, there are few Azerbaijanis who actually have Azerbaijani blood in them. The rest are mixed races, most likely from people indigenous to the Caucasus mountains. Economically and politically, the country is in a mess, and they're trying to obtain "Nagorno-Karabakh", which is an autonomous region that belongs to the Armenians. Along with Turkey, Azerbaijan is a country that should be spat on, and rather overlooked. They also think they're the best simply because they're Muslims in Europe (true story)...

urbanAzerbaijan resident: we're the best man we're Muslims man Man: No one is the best, retard.

urbanNone of the Azerbaijan definitions on this website are actually accurate and correct ones. Most of them are either slanderous or were written by Azerbaijanis themselves so they could cover up THE REAL TRUTH. Azerbaijan is a country situated in the southern Caucasus mountains. It's one of the three countries in the world (along with Turkey and the U.S.) whose entire territory is stolen. Azerbaijan is filled with bribes, bootlegged DVDs and hairy women. Practically all of Azerbaijan, except for a tiny portion of it, belongs to the Armenians. There was a recent war in the de facto region known as "Nagorno-Karabakh" for control of the region, and Armenia not only won the war, but they demolished the Azeris by a 7:1 casualty rate. There have been several "Fuck Armenia" videos leaked on the internet where Azerbaijani turds savagely attack Armenians for no apparent reason, and consider themselves "superior" to them. Economically, the country is in a deep hole. Politically, it's the same. Azerbaijan is predominately a Muslim country, and along with being Muslims, they preach to others about how Muslims are superior to everyone else.

urbanAzerbaijan turd: man we're the best FUCK ARMENIA we are Muslims meaning we're the best! Me: no you're not. You're just a turd who has too much pride in that shit hole called Azerbaijan...

urbanNot in any way a good country. Since Azerbaijanis and Turks are one of the same, they share common traits, such as lying, denying, conniving and killing, and back to lying again. They follow the footsteps of their fellow Turkish buddies, meaning that not long after the Turks tried to exterminate the Armenians, Pontic Greeks and the Assyrians, the Azerbaijanis decided to follow a similar pattern by invading Armenian villages in Armenia, trying to annex the country. They eventually ran off like the dogs they are when the Nagorno-Karabakh war ensued back in '88. Modern day Azerbaijan consists of more than bribes, drugs and bootlegged DVDs. Azerbaijan also consists of liars, mentally impaired government products and has absolutely no basic essence of life. They are, at the least, 50 years behind every other country in the world. Oh yeah, and they have no REAL culture, unless if you consider stealing land and constantly lying part of the culture.

urbanAzerbaijan Turk: man fuck you Armenians man we're Aryan we're the perfect race. Me: An Aryan isn't someone from the perfect race, you turd. Aryans are an old civilization in Iran. Aryan is also ancient spelling of the word "Iranian". Azerbaijan Turk: ...yeah, uh still FUCK YOU man get a life! Me: Really? "Get a life"? Go back to your little corner. Azerbaijan Turk: but-- Me: SCRAM! Azerbaijan Turk: yes, sire.

urbanOk, time to address some of the idiotic claims about this country (probably written on this site by Armenians): "Azeris think they're superior to others because they are Muslim/think Muslims are superior" WTF? Azerbaijan is a secular state, and one of the least religious countries in the world. Most of Azerbaijan's population doesn't even pray or care about Islam. If anything, it's Armenians who think they are superior because they are Christian. "Azerbaijan started a war against Armenia." Wrong. The Armenians in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh (which belongs to, and is internationally recognized territory of, Azerbaijan) decided that being the majority in the area somehow meant that the area belonged to them, not to Azerbaijan. The Armenians also decided that just because they lived in that area gave them the right to occupy and annex not only Nagorno-Karabakh, but also 7 regions around it (where Armenians were NOT the majority). 20% of Azerbaijan remains under Armenian occupation to this day. "Economically and politically, the country is a mess" Speaking on political terms, yes, Azerbaijan is pretty corrupt (then again, so is Armenia, and so are most post-Soviet countries). Economically, however, Azerbaijan's doing just fine (much better than most post-Soviet states, i.e. Armenia). Don't believe me? Then check the GDP per capita of Azerbaijan, and compare it to other post-soviet states. Azerbaijan beats most of them (including Armenia).


Songs about Azerbaijan:

songsAzerbaijan National Anthem by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra from the Album National Anthems of the World, Vol. 1: Acadia - Burundi

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songsAdigözalov: Garanfil (Carnation) (feat. Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra & Yashar Imanov) by Ramiz Guliyev from the Album Dialogues with the Tar (Traditional Music of Azerbaijan)

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songsAnthem of the Azerbaijan Ssr by State Symphony Orchestra of Azerbaijan State Choir Chapel of Azerbaijan from the Album National Anthems of the Soviet Union and Union Republics


Books about Azerbaijan:

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Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a contiguous transcontinental presidential republic in the Caucasus region, situated at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to...

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Azerbaijan or Azarbaijan, also Iranian Azerbaijan is a region in northwestern Iran. It is also historically known as Atropatene and Aturpatakan. The region is referred by some as South Azerbaijan or Southern Azerbaijan, however some scholars and...