Definition funny of Avaneesh:

urban1. An Avaneesh is kind and carefree. Tends to like to get attention and also loves to spend time with people. 2. An Avaneesh can be very moody and may tend to very stubborn. 3. An Avaneesh may love to sleep all day and stay awake all night. 4. An Avaneesh loves to eat and is always hungry.

urbanyou can find an avaneesh sleeping in his room, going out getting drunk or just having a good time. When it comes to hitting the books he fears they will hit back. yet he seems to turn out to know everything. He is as lazy as a person can get but the people who love him always will love him. He tends to be filled with the joy of life. He is quite imaginative and enthusiastic. He may fear routine and might lack self-discipline. Professionally,he can be successful as a press secretary, planner, or small business promoter.