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Atotoztli II
Woman, Person

Atotoztli or Huitzilxochtzin was a daughter of the Aztec emperor Moctezuma I and Chichimecacihuatzin, the daughter of Cuauhtototzin, the ruler of Cuauhnahuac. She married Tezozomoc, son of the previous emperor Itzcoatl, and gave birth to three sons...

Atotoztli I
Woman, Person

Atotoztli I was a Princess of Culhuacan. She was a daughter of King Coxcoxtli and sister of King Huehue Acamapichtli. She married Opochtli Iztahuatzin and bore him a son called Acamapichtli after her brother. She lived with her son in Texcoco. Her...