Definition funny of Ashney:

urbanAn amazing girl, she's the most beautiful person in the world. Not afraid to speak her mind, always telling you exactly what she thinks. A very complicated person, once she's mad, she is MAD. Don't get on her bad side, and for sure don't mess with her around people who care about her, because without a doubt they'll defend her. She's random at times, and at times can be very frustrating, but by far she is one of the most perfect people you'll ever meet. She'll steal your heart immediately, and if she loves you back, don't be an idiot and let her go. Keep her. Don't ever let her go, and let her win the silly arguments she's bound start sometimes. This is one person you are going to miss if you let go.

urban"Ashney is amazing. Couldn't be closer to being perfect."

urbanA loud, beautiful, random, amazing girl who is beautiful and deserves nothing but RESPECT. Loves like crazy, and is the kindest and sweetest person, but also a total biscuit at times. You can't help but love her.

urbanAshney is PERFECT.


Wiki information Ashney:

Actor, Person, Film actor

Ashney is an actor.

Ashney Shroff
Actor, Film actor, Person

Ashney Shroff is an actress.