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urbanA drinking game invented at Princeton University involving exactly three people looking to get extremely drunk in a short span of time. Players compete in three consecutive rounds of chugging - the first with full beers. The next two rounds are initiated whenever the loser of the previous round of chugging decides to pull his next cup from the table. In both the second and final rounds, the loser of the previous round pulls a full beer while the other two players each pull a 2/3 beer. If one player loses all three rounds, he must immediately chug a full "penalty" beer, the instant he loses the final round. The game receives its name because of the arrow formation of the cups. The first round of three is situated to form a triangle at the corner of a table, with one at the corner and the other two equidistant from it, on the two sides of the table that form the corner. The other two sets of beers (each set consisting of one full beer and two 2/3-full beers) are placed in a line going from the corner of the table to the center of the table. The penalty beer is placed at the center of the table. This formation creates the arrow pattern for which the game is named. NB: Playing multiple games of Arrow in succession, including "best of 3" scenarios, is not recommended except for those with an extremely strong stomach.

urbanBro: "Yo, I'm way too late to this party...I need to get drunk FAST." Other Bro: "Right. Best of 3 Arrow. Now." Bro: "Aight, get a trash can ready. I'll grab some random freshman to be the third so he can drink three penalties." ---- Alternate scenario: Bro: "HOLY FUCKSHIT, I am fucking shitfaced as fuckkkk" Other Bro: "GAHHH!!! ARROW RIGHT NOW YOU LITTLE SHITFUCK!" Bro: "OKAY OKAY...I just LOVE projectile vomming, I'll grab a third."

urbanA member of the female social group Alpha Sigma Pi.

urban"Did you hear about the Arrows' community service project? It sounds really cool!" -or- "The Arrows' motto is: 'To be borne aloft amongst the muses.'"

urbanA wooden projectile tipped with a metal edge, used in combination with a bow. it was used mainly in midevil times, but it is possible to see them used today for hunting.

urbana bow and arrow set That guy just got arrowed Bow and arrow hunting

urban1. Derogatory term for a person of Heterosexuality 2. The Heterosexual equivalent of a "Faggot"


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Arrows Grand Prix International
Company, Organization

Arrows Grand Prix International was a British Formula One team active from 1978 to 2002. For a period of time, it was also known as Footwork.

Interest, Sport, Video Game Subject, Hobby, Olympic discipline

Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow, from Latin arcus. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat, while in modern times, its main use is that of a competitive sport and recreational...