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urbanTechnically, an American is someone from the Americas - i.e. North or South America. However, it is so commonly referring to people from the USA that we'll just ignore that point for now. An American is someone who lives in the USA. Not all americans are overweight, ignorant pricks with an addiction to burgers and flag waving. Some of them are actually friendly, intelligent people! Remember, kids: just because meet or hear one person from a certain place doesn't mean that everyone from there is like it. Oh, and did I mention that the actions of the US government don't ALWAYS speak unanimously for every last citizen of the USA? Just wanted to clear that up. They do think some wierd things, though.. They call football soccer, American football football, aluminium aloominum, jam jelly and so on. But belittling them for differences like that would be a bit petty of me, wouldn't it?

urbanWhile playing a game, I once met an American who was a mindless, stereotyping, bigoted, ignorant prick. But did that make me hate all Americans? Well, yes. But eventually I got over it. I would like to find that guy and cave his skull in, though..

urbanProbablly the most bashed on country in the world. Things you should know: 1. Yes, we are aware the term "American" can be used for anyone living in North or South America. The term "British" can be used for someone from Scottland, Ireland, or England. What else do you want us to call ourselves, United-Statesians? Besides, I don't see you calling people from Brazil or Argentina or Cuba American anyways. Why should we? 2. Yes, we are aware our President shows serious signs of mental retardation. All goverments have their problems. 3. We're not stupid. We don't go around speaking "American", laughing at all other "American" speaking countries thinking they stole the idea from us. 4. We're not all crazy extremists or blind conservatives. 5. Your country probally produces almost as much pollution as ours, and seeing as the US is about 3,718,695 cm2 (9,631,420 km2; gasp! an American knowing about the metric system? unheard of!) large and has 302,431,000 citizens, we're not doing that bad. 6. Celsuis- Farheniet, Meters- feet, Pounds- killograms. Gallons- liters. We use both you know. 7. We don't hate all Canadians, Brits, Cubans, and Japaneese people. We don't think all Muslims are terrorists. No matter what Bush says, we most definitely don't eat "freedom fries". We don't all support Iraq. We don't think Pakistan is in Africa. 8. Just because we can't trace our ancestors in America back for 329 years, it doesn't mean we love our country less. 9. Patrioism is never a bad thing. Even if you lived in the crappiest country in the world, it's still your country. 10. No, we don't think everyone in the world celbrates July Fourth with us. 11. We don't eat McDonald's everyday or drive five cars. 12. Not everyone speaks like their from Texas. There are forty-nine other states you know. 13. We don't think we're better than you. 14. Lastly, half the people that bash us are allies with us. Our country has relations in more than half the world. Most likely, we're best friends.

urbanBritish: "They're bloody pricks too. Look at Bush." French: "Look at Iraq. What a dumb mistake." American: "Dude, we know our president's an ass."

urbanlegal resident of the United States; not really a nationality since everybody came here from somewhere else

urbanSpeaking of an "typical american" is as stupid as speaking of an "typical european", even worse I believe, though most of them have at least one language in common compared to europe with its dozens of utterly different languages. But nonetheless, regarding my own humble experience, I found most americans beeing really kind, straight, honest and generous people, and despite these qualities, they can be quite (irritating) modestly too. I believe even behind the "fuck off, leave me alone"-attitude, some of them have, you still may find a big, bumping heart in the right place. They live, struggle and suffer as we all do, well, probably in a more intense way. A lot of them have managed to create incredible beautiful and touching things like art, literature, music and other amazing or insane stuff while they have been living in the worst nightmare you can't nor you like to imagine at all. You won't find this special kind of strength and creativity very often outside america. Especially their music can tell you a lot about them; if you're open minded and dig deeper. It's true their culture is quite dominating, from an european point of view, but this is because they're often just freaking good in what they do, and the "language" they speak is one everyone can understand. Since the U.S., as well as Canada, were founded by people who came or fled from every thinkable place of this planet, americans are the sum of all these origins. Squared. So, from a different view, we're all americans. If you want to see one, just look into a mirror. If you hate them, you probably just hate yourself. Regarding U.S. residents, I hope, wish and pray they get their act together again, that they get over all this sad shit they suffer from and rise like a phoenix. Come on. Nobody can smile like you do, show it to us again. I'm missing it.


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Indigenous peoples of the Americas
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The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the pre-Columbian inhabitants of North and South, and Central America, and their descendants. Pueblos indígenas is a common term in Spanish-speaking countries. Aborigen is used in Argentina, whereas...

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Native Americans within the boundaries of the present-day United States are composed of numerous, distinct tribes and ethnic groups, many of which survive as intact political communities. The terms used to refer to Native Americans have been...


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