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Allah Expression, Allah Soul Urge, Allah Inner Dream


Additional information Allah:

additionalDerived from the Arabic الإله (al-ilah) meaning "the deity". This is the Muslim term for God.


Definition funny of Allah:

urbanThe classic Arabic word for God. Also, in the original Christian Bibles, God is referred to as Allah. In old Hebrew, the word 'Elohim' refers to God (holding similarity to the Arabic word 'Allahum' meaning 'God is'.

urbanNo, you ignorant fuckhead, Allah is not exclusive to Islam. Allah is supposed to be the same god as in Judiasm and Christianity.

urbanReally, many people claim that Allah is just an Arabian term for God. Actually, it is. But it's not that simple, see? The dictionaries are all about different meanings. So: Common meaning in this time in non-arabic countries is that it reffers to the Moslim God, who IS different - at least the moslim's view is really different from Christians' and Jews'! Christians believe, that Jesus is God, Jews don't take Him at all, Moslims don't take him as God but just as one of the prophets. So - the Christians' God is not the same as Moslims' - He is Jesus, who sacrificed and resurrected - I am not Jew but I think their view of God is really different, too.

urbanAllah! What I've done to deserve this?

urbanAllah is the name of God in Arabic, It used by Muslims. Allah is the creator of this world, Allah is not a human and so does not have any children and is not a male or female. All the racist and ignorant comments criticizing Muslims of being terrorists are wrong, you cannot judge a whole nation on media lies, do not judge Muslims you have no right, and if you ever actually read the Quran you will realize that Islam is a religion about peace.

urbanWho do Muslims believe in? Allah

urbanAn entity, the existence of which cannot be proven. Followers of Allah claim to be worshipping a being which is invisible, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. The claim is a dubious one since muslims rely on documentary evidence which is of debateable and dubious origin. Their holy book is no more a credible source than, for example, a shakespeare play. Shakespeare claimed to have been writing historical narrative but much of the evidence was from a single source and/or heresay. In as much as their "faith" prescribes a certain moral outlook there is little doubt in western eyes that it offends western sensibilities. They call for much which is socially consensual within the adult population to be eradicated by stoning to death exponents of any oppositional view. Muslims worship Allah and most, if not all, muslims demand the execution of people who engage in adulterous relationships, those whose sexuality is bisexual or homosexual etc etc etc. They claim this is the will of god but infact it is merely politics borne of a hatred of any political or social setup beside their own narrow viewpoint. Considering that Allah cannot be proven to exist either muslims are mentally ill, or they are simply displaying the audacity of an arrogant political mindset, one which is using pious values as a weapon to achieve power


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Movies about Allah:

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moviesInch'Allah Dimanche 2005 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins Starring: Marie-France Pisier, Fejria Deliba, et al. Directed by: Yamina Benguigui


Wiki information Allah:

Deity, Author

Allah is the Arabic word for God. The word has cognates in other Semitic languages, including Alah in Aramaic, ʾĒl in Canaanite and Elohim in Hebrew. It is used mainly by Muslims to refer to God in Islam, but it has also been used by Arab Christians...

Abd Allah ibn Abbas
Military Person, Deceased Person, Person, Influence Node

Abd Allah ibn Abbas was a paternal cousin of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He is revered by Muslims for his knowledge and was an expert in Tafsir, as well as an authority on the Islamic Sunnah.