Definition funny of Aigerim:

urbangirl's name. pronounced as "eye-ghe-rim" or i-get-him, comes from the great Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbayev from 19th century, who had the most beautiful wife ever, and he called her Aigerim (from kazakh language "Ai" - Moon, "gerim" - Beauty). Since then the name became very popular, it is very wide spread in Kazakhstan.

urban-She is so beautiful, just like a full moon! I wonder what's her name? -Well, it might be "Aigerim" then!


Wiki information Aigerim:

Aigerim Jakisheva
Film producer, Person

Aigerim Jakisheva is a film producer.

Aigerim Zhexembinova
Olympic Synchronized swimmer, Athlete, Person, Measured person, Olympic athlete

Aigerim Zhexembinova is an athlete.