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Al-Hurr al-Aamili
Man, Person

Muhammad bin al-Ḥassan b. Ali b. al-Ḥusayn al-ʿĀmili al-Mashghari, commonly known as Al-Ḥurr Al-ʿĀmili, was a muhaddith and a prominent Twelver Shi’a scholar. He is best known for his comprehensive hadith compilation known as Wasael ush-Shia and as...

Wasā'il al-Shīʿa

Wasā'il al-Shīʿa is a reputable book of hadith in Shia Islam, compiled in the 17th century by Shaikh al-Hur al-Aamili. Shaikh Al-Hur wrote two editions of this book, Aal Al-Bayt which is a 30 volume long edition of it, and Al-Islamiyyah which is 20...